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If you are looking to get out from under your house, we offer customized solutions that make sense. And because we pay cash for your house, there are no realtor fees or commissions to pay, and the process takes days instead of months.

"Dealing with my divorce was hard enough. Having to deal with selling my house was just added insult to injury. Losing my wife and my house was overwhelming. I knew now without her income I was going to be unable to afford my mortgage. I thought my only option would be to walk away, since I owed way more than the house was worth. Rid of House informed me that I did still have options. They were able to buy the house from me and save my credit and my sanity. It really took the pressure off. Thanks!"
D. Schilling - Palmdale, CA

"I was scared to death of my foreclosure. Rid of House came in, explained to me what was happening, helped me deal with my bank, and ended up buying my house for cash. They really took the pressure off of me and my family. Thanks guys!"
B. Allen - Sylmar, CA

"After my parents passed away, we inherited the house that I grew up in. The house was not in good shape and needed a lot of work. We live out-of-state and just didn't have time to go fix it up and get it resold. The guys at Rid of House went to take a look, called me with a cash offer very quickly. We were able to accept it and get the house sold with no hassle at all. After they repaired the house they sent me before and after pictures for my scrapbook. You guys are very thoughtful and I would highly recommend Rid of House."
K. Deagan - Lancaster, CA

"Due to an unforeseen situation, I was unable to make my monthly mortgage payments and my house was placed into foreclosure. I was scared and did not know what to do. So I tried to sell my house. I worked with a buddy of mine who is an agent. He couldn't do anything to help me. So I met with Rid of House and they presented several different options to help me get out of the situation that I was in. The people there are so friendly and understanding of the situation we as homeowners are in. I was able to call anytime when I had a question and someone always helped me. Rid of House was able to negotiate a short sale with the bank and buy our house! I would highly recommend Rid of House"
T. Diercks - Valencia, CA

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